FlossTime is a mobile dental pop-up clinic specializing in preventative & diagnostic services at workplaces in Massachusetts
FlossTime is a mobile dental pop-up clinic specializing in preventative & diagnostic services at workplaces in Massachusetts

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A Dental Experience At Your Workplace

All of our mobile dental services are completed in an open space or conference room at your place of work. We can turn any room into a mobile pop-up clinic with ease!

On-Site Services

FlossTime makes your life easier by bringing the dentist to you:

In addition to brushing your teeth at home, it is essential to have professional cleanings every six months. With FlossTime, our board-certified dental hygienists will help improve your gums and teeth for optimal oral health. They clean plaque and calculus within hard to reach areas and teach you the proper at-home care techniques.
During the cleaning, a dentist will also perform an exam of the entire mouth to ensure that oral health is properly maintained. Our dentists use a combination of physical assessment, x-rays, and other diagnostic aids.
Through the use of our mobile dental x-ray machine, our dentists are able to diagnose and recommend treatment based on the health of the teeth and surrounding bone. This radiography technology is an essential element of proper diagnosis and uses very small doses to provide proper dental care.
ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a revolutionary brightening system using LED light technology. Everyday staining such as coffee, tea, wine, and cigarette smoke are just a few of the reasons many people seek to whiten their smile. In less than an hour and a half, FlossTime can help whiten your employees’ smile between 6-8 shades lighter.
In some cases, plaque and calculus collect in between the tooth and the gum, causing irritation. It can often be difficult for people to properly clean these areas with just a regular tooth brush. Our dental hygienists can perform a “deep cleaning,” (also known as scaling and root planning) of these hard to reach areas to prevent the progression of gum disease.
If you’re a person who wants a beautiful smile, look no further than Invisalign. Through the use of clear, plastic aligners, we can help start your new smile by scanning you for an assessment by our local orthodontist we work with.

Our Setup

Here’s How It Works

When you book with us, we make it an easy process from start to finish. No upfront costs and no contracts – just innovative dental care! The best part is, your employees book their own appointments that work with their schedule.

Step 1

Let’s start a conversation

We make the booking process easy & simple! Reach out to us with quick phone call at 617-340-5000 or our use our contact form.

Step 2

Schedule A Date For Us To Be On-Site

We’ll work with you to coordinate dates that work best for your company’s schedule.

Step 3

Email A Link To Your Employees

We’ll provide you a booking link to send to your employees and they can choose to book an appointment time that works for them.

Step 4

On-Site Dental Just For You

We’ll be on-site for at least few days (or as long as you need) to make sure everyone at your company has access to our dental services. 

Perks & Benefits

Better corporate wellness starts with FlossTime. See how we can help improve your employees’ well-being with our on-site dental services.

Take Advantage of Your Benefits

FlossTime helps ensure your employees utilize the benefits you provide to them as their employer.

Save PTO Hours

Eliminate your employees from having to take full or half days off of work for dental appointments.

Improve Corporate Wellness

Eliminate late 5pm appointments after a long day at the office.

Eliminate Parking

Eliminate costly parking expenses. Our hassle-free solution saves your employees money.

Eliminate Traffic

We alleviate stress by eliminating traffic and travel to/from dental appointments.

All Major Insurances Accepted

Most insurances will cover preventative and diagnostic services at 100%.

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